3 Reasons to Choose a Natural Gas-Powered Generator

One drawback of diesel-fueled generators is that the fuel itself can be very costly to obtain and transport. Diesel also causes harmful emissions that can hurt the environment. If your business takes the environment — and the bottom line — seriously, generators powered by natural gas could be the solution you need. Here are three benefits of choosing natural gas-powered generators.

The Fuel Costa photo of a crude oil mine

As anyone who deals with fuel sources will tell you, diesel is quite expensive right now, especially when compared to the low cost of natural gas. Hauling diesel is also expensive, since you have to pay for the diesel that powers the gas trucks as well!

Clean-Burning Energy

Natural gas produces fewer harmful emissions when compared to other common fuel sources. Diesel is one of the dirtier-burning fuels. The environment is the legacy we will leave for later generations, so many businesses are trying to make healthier choices in that regard.

Easy Availability

While gasoline and diesel fuel need to be shipped in, there are many work sites where natural gas can be extracted on site. This will eliminate shipping costs, and give you ready access to the energy.

We have portable generators that run on natural gas and other fuels. If you have any questions, we’ll be happy to help. Give us a call today!