Choosing an Industrial Generator

oilfield generatorThere is no “one size fits all” formula when it comes to choosing an industrial generator. When accounting for emissions regulations and the precise needs of your industrial project, choosing the proper generator becomes all the more important to save money and to generate and consume power efficiently. Here we discuss a few types of generators to help you explore the ideal setup for your power needs.

Natural Gas Generators

Natural gas is one of the most affordable and clean-burning fuels available. Second in affordability only behind coal, natural gas is infinitely more clean and efficient than coal. When being burned, natural gas does not emit a foul odor, which is a concern with many other types of fuel. Baseline Energy Services offers 50, 80, 100, 135, 175, 235, 350, and 1250 KW generators with 24/7 service!

Propane Generators

Propane is a highly popular fuel for industrial power settings, as propane is emission compliant and has a long shelf life. One of the huge benefits of propane is that it can be stored in large (or small) tanks so you can keep large amounts of fuel on hand in case of a shortage or other events that may prevent you from otherwise accessing the ability to refuel. Baseline Energy Services offers propane generators in 50, 80, 100, 135, 175, 235, 350, and 1250 KW.

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