Field Service and Our 24/7 Commitment to Your Oilfield Power

Baseline Energy generatorUtilizing high quality equipment for oilfield power generation is a must, but what good is this equipment if it goes on the fritz and you can’t find a qualified technician to service it? The team at Baseline Energy is available 24/7 for quick response service to keep your oilfield operations running as smoothly as possible. Our team of licensed and highly trained technicians is on call at all times to service your equipment and any questions you may have.

Our rapid response time, strategic locations, training, and safety culture are what sets oilfield power generation with Baseline Energy apart from the rest. Our round-the-clock service allows our technicians to typically respond within 30 minutes to 2 hours, no matter what time of day it is. Our locations are situated in areas that are within a convenient distance to many major oilfield hubs.

We employ only the highest quality technicians and train them even further so we are able to service and maintain a wide range of oilfield power solutions. In addition to top tier training, Baseline Energy cultivates a safety culture that is unmatched. Our commitment to safety is emphasized on a weekly basis to keep our technicians and your oilfield secure and protected.

Field Service and Maintenance

Call Baseline Energy Services at (817) 889-0056 to speak with a friendly, qualified oilfield power generation expert!