Generator Paralleling: Is It Right For Me?

generator powering oilfieldIt is no secret that a generator must be the right size: too much power is a waste of energy, and too little won’t supply enough energy to keep your industrial site going. An ideal solution to your precise power equation may be generator paralleling: by pairing two or more generators of the same output, you can supply closer to the exact amount of energy you need without drastically exceeding your requirements. To help you explore if generator paralleling is right for your oilfield or industrial site, we walk through the basics here.

Paralleling Advantages

Advances in recent technology have made generator pairing much more efficient, practical, and affordable. Digital control technology helps monitor your usage and ensure your equipment performs its best. Utilizing paralleled generators increases the reliability of power at your site as the energy load can be distributed among multiple units if one unit fails.

Generator paralleling also allows for the units to be spread out (or localized if you prefer), which negates the need to carve out a large area of space to house a huge generator or a cluster of generators. But no matter your industrial or oilfield power generation needs, the experienced, trained technicians at Baseline Energy Services is on call 24/7 to service your energy needs. Call us today at 817-889-0056!