Your Industrial Power Source

Baseline Energy Services MapThe team at Baseline Energy Services is passionate about providing reliable, efficient industrial energy solutions. That’s why we offer a varied range of high-quality energy production systems and 24/7 service to help you continue operating when you need it most.

Our gas, propane, and diesel generator packages can be tailored to your site needs to help you achieve greater energy efficiency and operate well within emissions regulations. Your energy package can also include warm and cold weather protections, paralleling controls, trailers, heated fuel gas scrubbers, and 24/7 monitoring with mobile device alerts. Because we specialize in oil and gas field energy production, and we recognize that this is often conducted in remote locations, we happily provide energy solutions in Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arkansas, Wyoming, Utah, Montana, and North Dakota. Our 24/7 service capabilities keep your energy production on track and minimize interruptions.

Call us today at 817-889-0056 to explore reliable solutions for your oilfield and industrial energy needs!