Baseline Commissions 2.8 mW Permian Basin Natural Gas Generator Power Project

Baseline recently commissioned a Permian Basin power project comprised of 2.8 mW worth of natural gas generators. Specifically, there are 7 x 400 kW trailer-mounted natural gas generators networked together and running in sync with one another. Load is shared evenly across each generator.

These generators are responsible for powering 2 x 700 HP Baker Hughes HPumps with soft starts on a saltwater injection well and are capable of providing in excess of 4,200 amps necessary to start and run both pump motors.

Such a plug and play system using smaller, more mobile, natural gas generators offers several key benefits:

  1. Redundancy. Should any one generator fail, the remaining 6 are capable of running the site temporarily until a replacement can be delivered — meaning very little downtime. Additionally, monthly generator maintenance services can be performed one generator at a time without taking the SWD offline.
  2. Mobility. Utilizing smaller, trailer-mounted generators, allows for quick swaps should any generator malfunction. Each generator can be pulled by a single 3/4 quarter ton service truck, meaning the malfunctioning generator can easily be removed and replaced with a new unit in minimal time. This is much different than the 1 and 1.5 mW generators, typically skid-mounted, that are often used for such projects. Generators in that range require tractor trailers even if trailer mounted (which is rare) and a crane as well if they are not trailer-mounted. Swapping such generators after instances of equipment failure can be a multi-day task depending on remoteness of the location as well as road and weather conditions.
  3. Cost-savings. Natural gas generators in the 1 mW+ range are often disproportionately expensive due to smaller manufacturing economies of scale. Utilizing multiple “small” and more cost-effective generators means lower kW costs for upstream and midstream operators. Additionally, smaller units such as Baseline’s 400 kW natural gas generators are markedly cheaper to install. They warrant no cranes, no tractor trailers, and no freight costs, which are often hidden “adders” with larger single unit set-ups.

If you have such a project, Baseline can provide project estimates as well as sizing recommendations based on forecasted load profile. Baseline’s individual natural gas generators in 25, 50, 80, 135, 175, 235, 350, and 400 kW sizes, as well as larger 1 and 1.5 mW sizes. Additionally, Baseline can parallel generators to meet almost any demand.

Small or large, Baseline has natural gas generators and a 24/7 service team available to meet any upstream or midstream power need. Call (817) 889-0056or visit our website,, for assistance with your power needs in the following states: Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Kansas, Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, North Dakota, Montana, Arkansas, and Louisiana.