Types of Generators

generator on job siteWe understand that every commercial job is different, which means there isn’t just one generator that will suit all projects. Our inventory includes a broad range of natural gas, propane and diesel generators, so you’re sure to find exactly what you need. Baseline operates a fleet of portable power generation systems from 20kW to 2MW.

Founded in 2011, Baseline Energy Services offers reliable power equipment and professional service to oilfield and industrial customers in the southwest and southern parts of the United States. The founders, who are serial problem-solvers with deep experience in the energy industry, designed products to meet a need in the power generation market by using economic alternative fuels and the latest available technology to generate electricity.

We understand what commercial and industrial business owners are facing these days. The energy environment is now defined by increasing onsite power needs, more stringent air emissions regulation, high capital costs for grid line and increasing demand for power in remote areas. We have the products, team, reach and experience to meet our customers’ power needs.

Choosing a generator

Industrial generators are designed to withstand heavy usage for extended periods of time, in sometimes-harsh conditions.

Diesel generators are known for being durable and requiring little maintenance. This type of fuel burns cooler than gasoline, which means it reduces the heat and wear on the engine. Today’s diesel generators have reduced emissions.

Natural gas generators use propane or liquefied petroleum gas for their power. They offer an advantage of easy storage in below- or above-ground tanks. It’s also a clean-burning fuel, which means that you’ll encounter fewer problems with emissions. They’re also known for their durability.

Propane generators are fueled by a byproduct of both natural gas and petroleum refining.

Choosing the right sized generator can save you money on your project. Because we work day in and day out on power generation applications, we know how to spot circumstances in which power projects are “oversized.” This means they have more installed power capacity than the customer may actually need, resulting in higher costs. Baseline has the tools, software and experience to properly size your generator application.

With our diverse fleet of generators available for rent and lease, our solutions allow customers to forego the high capital cost of grid electricity in many cases. So if you’d like to learn more about the types of generators we have available, contact us today. We’re proud of the many generator rental options we provide!