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Generator run time, site layout, project execution, and safety count more than anything when it comes to powering sand mines in the oilfield.

Baseline’s technical sales and field engineering team members can assist in quoting generators, providing clean fuel solutions including CNG and LNG fuel (with significant savings over diesel fuel), and provide CAD/PE stamped drawings and full site engineering. Baseline has experience in powering sand mines from 500 HP to 5,000 HP including support water wells. We also offer solutions including 24/7 onsite project managers given the start/stop and variable load needs that many of our sand mine customers experience. At Baseline, your generator run time is our mission, so choose a partner who knows and cares deeply for serving your sand mine power needs.
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We operate across all major US shale plays providing both distributed generation and centralized power generation solutions to meet the needs of your specific oilfield project. Whether you need a 50 kW generator to power a pump jack or a 15 mW microgrid to power an entire field, we have the people, equipment, and expertise to make it happen.