Out here

Opportunity lies on the edge

Off the grid hard to reach

Out here run time is critical

Out here every solution is custom

Out here teams must respond fast

Powered Out Here

Providing reliable mobile power solutions our customers need with 24/7 dedication to keeping them up and running.

The Baseline Difference

  • Custom Power Generation Solutions
  • 24/7 Rapid Response Field Service
  • Remote Monitoring Technology

Since 2012, our professional team at Baseline has consistently delivered on exceptional service and run time performance to help our customers achieve more value and efficiency in their production operations through increased electrification. Today, America is realizing lower energy costs, cleaner environments, and increased energy security as we consistently execute our mission and vision alongside our production partners.

– Graham Radler

Since inception, our team at Baseline has been driven by the opportunity to provide innovative low carbon and cost efficient power solutions. We achieve this by harnessing the abundant natural gas resources available right here in America. A decade on and we can confidently say that American oilfields are cleaner, greener, and more efficient as a result of our consistent execution and partnership with our production partners.

– Graham Radler

Powering American Energy Production

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Cumulative Hours Of Generated Power We’ve Delivered to Our Customers

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