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Our team

When experience counts

Baseline Leadership has a combined 110 years of oilfield experience and we are always focused to serve our customer’s needs. We are driven by excellence, safety, stewardship, responsibility and communication.

Baseline spends significant resources to deliver exceptional generator run time.

To do this, Baseline field managers track generator run time and unplanned call out KPI’s on a customer-level basis with the goal of delivering utility-grade run time performance of our rented power generation equipment. Through continuous improvement run time programs implemented in the company, Baseline personnel are constantly identifying means to deliver more power to our customers a higher percentage of the time. Since inception of the business to present, Baseline’s intense focus on run time has evolved into some of the largest E&P operators and midstream customers consistently receiving 99.5% or better run time on rented Baseline power generation units.

Baseline is committed to being there for our customers with the right power generation equipment on short notice.

Baseline has programs in place to stock critical power generation units that we know our customers will need delivered on short notice. Following are the key advantages of renting Baseline generators: generator paralleling and automatic synchronization technology (up to 32 units), advanced telemetry systems that feed real-time data to Baseline field operations smart phones, EPA certified natural gas engines, upgraded catalysts and emissions kits to beat the most stringent federal and state regulations, all-weather enclosures, advanced heated fuel scrubbers to eliminate water and solids in fuel, and automatic NG to propane fuel switching capability on natural gas engines.

Baseline spends significant resources ensuring we have the right technical field personnel.

We do this at Baseline through our rigorous in-house technical training programs that start with weeks of shop-based generator training where a broad range of topics are covered including natural gas and diesel fuel systems, minor and major engine components, engine rebuild training, generator load dynamics, and field safety exercises. After completing this training and a multi month field-based mentorship program our technical team members continue their individual journey toward mastering rapid planned and unplanned generator maintenance service. Through coaching and personal develop we couple strong technical competency with an attitude of deep care and passion for ensuring our customers in the field are heard and their needs are met in a professional manner.

24/7 Field Service

You need power available 24/7. We have highly trained generator technicians working around the clock to ensure maximized run time. When you call, we go!

Baseline Monitoring Services

Remote Monitoring Technology

Baseline's remote monitoring service ensures that even when not on location, our personnel always have eyes on our generators to ensure premium 24/7 performance. If there's a potential issue, we are the first to know and the first to react. That's part of The Baseline Difference.

Dual Fuel Capability

Every Baseline natural gas/propane generator is equipped with automatic fuel switching. If you lose natural gas pressure our generator will switch over to propane standby automatically to prevent fuel supply-based power interruptions.

Mobile, Trailer Mounted Generators

Every Baseline generator is trailer mounted to ensure rapid deliveries, setups, swaps, and removals. No costly cranes, offloading, or supervision required.

Generator Paralleling Technology

Baseline’s generator fleet is equipped with the latest generator paralleling technology using automatic breakers and auto-synchronization. The benefits of Baseline’s paralleling technology allows customers to have scalable and modular power generation options. As loads increase or decrease, generators can seamlessly be added or removed from a project to better manage rental cost and changing load profiles.

Our Process

From Problem to Solution

Call us to discuss your pending power needs. An experienced representative in your region will then work with you to determine exactly what you need and what solutions will work best. Then we'll submit a formal proposal for your review. Once you've reviewed and accepted the proposal, we'll schedule the equipment and personnel needed to deliver and commission on the date and location you indicate.
It's that easy.


We will discuss your pending power need.


We'll convert the discussion into a formal proposal for your review.


You review and approve the custom proposal.


We deliver and commission the necessary generation equipment.