Microgrid Solutions

Baseline serves the large-scale power needs of our customers through offering temporary natural gas generator plants, often referred to as microgrids, configurable for 1,500 kW (1.5 MW) to 15,000 kW (15 MW).

Baseline’s unique offering includes advanced generator paralleling technology, professionally engineered site layouts and drawings, auxiliary electrical distribution equipment (medium to high-voltage transformers and high amperage panels), clean and affordable fueling options including compressed natural gas (CNG) and liquified natural gas (LNG), and optional 24/7 onsite project management. The combination of our unique generator assets and service capabilities equates to exceptional run time performance (>99.5%) for our oilfield customers that require large amounts of temporary power with fast delivery and setup.
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We operate across all major US shale plays providing both distributed generation and centralized power generation solutions to meet the needs of your specific oilfield project. Whether you need a 50 kW generator to power a pump jack or a 15 mW microgrid to power an entire field, we have the people, equipment, and expertise to make it happen.