Our Responsibility

Message from the CEO

Graham Radler

President and CEO
Baseline Energy Services, LP

Since 2012, our team at Baseline Energy Services, LP has engaged in a purposeful way to be responsible business leaders in a rapidly changing and challenging world. Our significant efforts include demonstrating consistent stewardship of our financial resources, practicing environmental stewardship, operating with a strong safety track record, and employing a customer-centric business culture that allows our people and customers to thrive. These efforts have allowed Baseline to be a beacon of light to the energy industry in North America, consistently recognized as a top-tier service company by our team members, financial partners, stakeholders, customers, and vendors.

Furthermore, Baseline’s core business model is centered on responsibility. We provide reliable temporary power that markedly lowers carbon and GHG emissions through the use of natural gas compared to other fuel sources (diesel, heavy fuel oil) while also delivering a lower cost of operation for our customers. This very unique solution that is cleaner but also more affordable is the “sweet spot” that many businesses seek to achieve. However, the benefits for Baseline’s customers come naturally based on true competitive market dynamics and not through heavy-handed and “forced” government regulation. Reducing carbon output and emissions will enhance and sustain humanity but it has to be done responsibly for business, government, and the consumer, not just one of the three. Our team at Baseline is proud to be on the journey of using natural gas to lower emissions and lower energy cost for society. We see this as being not just responsible, but sustainable as well – a true win, win.

The future is bright and exciting for Baseline. Through our research and development department we are doing amazing things like developing the most sophisticated and lowest emissions generators in the world, and also developing fueling systems to increase the use of affordable natural gas. We are taking our proven solutions to new market segments where expensive and inefficient power generation equipment is utilized. Our technology and automation team is enhancing the use of information and data capture to do more remotely, reducing road exposure and risk for team members. And, we are constantly looking for new ways to serve the community and those in need. I am humbled by our accomplishments to date and would like to recognize our people for consistently delivering on our mission as well as driving continuous improvement and innovation that has set us apart!

Baseline Energy Services, LP has a unique mission of delivering exceptional temporary power generation runtime performance for our customers. Our solutions directly lower the cost and increase accessibility of essential energy resources which helps ensure affordable and available energy for businesses and consumers. We’re proud to see our contributions to lowering the cost of energy increase standards of living through improved access to health care, increasing mobility for people, and propelling the development of new technology across many sectors. Our energy enhances humanity. We are Energy in Motion.

Baseline’s solutions also provide unique environmental benefits including reducing carbon and GHG emissions, eliminating and reducing gas flaring in oilfield development areas, and reducing the requirement for permanent electrical infrastructure which significantly contributes to visual pollution and land impact.

The reliability we offer our customers is backed up by taking responsibility for everything we do; from the way we engage and develop team members, enhance our work culture, dispose of waste, improve safety, improve efficiency for customers, refurbish equipment, and help those in need affected by pandemic, natural disaster, and illness. Baseline is committed to responsible and sustainable business practices for the good of all









Baseline lowers environmental impact by reliably producing electricity using waste gas and low-carbon natural gas fuels.

Our primary service offering, natural gas generator rental solutions, dramatically reduces the environmental footprint of our customer’ operations.

We regularly assess our operations and explore technologies that increase efficiency, reduce waste, and bring down pollution. From employee driving to equipment maintenance intervals, facility energy use, and waste recycling, we make a conscious and concerted effort to always do the right thing.

We support the local communities we work in.

We actively recruit and hire locally, training people on our equipment to develop high-skilled workers that are positive contributors to their local economies.

We also support the communities we operate in by giving both our time and a portion of our prosperity to further enhance and support local needs.

Fair and open business practices represent who we are.

Baseline aims to do business in a fair, consistent, and transparent way with our employees, customers, suppliers, and business partners, who place a great deal of trust in us.

Our reputation for integrity and fair dealing is vitally important in winning and retaining that trust. When we are seen to behave ethically, we enhance our reputation for integrity, which helps us grow our business.

“Safety is woven into the fabric of everything we do.”

Health, Safety & Environment

We are committed to safe work practices through our HSE Management Systems. We ensure employees are provided the equipment and training they need to safely perform their best each day.

Baseline’s HSE Management System ensures compliance through audits of our facilities, weekly trainings with field teams, ongoing development of policies and procedures, and having the right equipment and employees who care. We take corrective action when necessary as well as reward employees for championing a culture of safety.

Baseline carries a superior safety performance record that is verifiable through ISNetworld and PEC. We continue to improve our safety performance through revision of our programs, policies, and procedures.

Standard safety programs at Baseline include precautions for lone workers, stop work authority for anyone on a jobsite, lockout/tagout procedures, job safety analysis, weekly safety meetings, and journey management.