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Baseline serves the long-term standby power needs of our customers with our unique “Standby Power As a Service” generator offering that eliminates the upfront capital expense of standby generator units for critical oilfield facilities.

Example facilities include high-volume SWD’s, gas processing plants, crude oil terminals and pumping stations, and high-volume central production facilities. Baseline offers 150 kW to 10,000 kW (10 MW) purpose-designed standby generator systems that are fully owned and operated by Baseline for the duration of the contract. Our capabilities include all quoting, procurement, project engineering, installation, and ongoing monthly maintenance of the generator assets to ensure that power is there when the utility fails or facility maintenance is required.
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We operate across all major US shale plays providing both distributed generation and centralized power generation solutions to meet the needs of your specific oilfield project. Whether you need a 50 kW generator to power a pump jack or a 15 mW microgrid to power an entire field, we have the people, equipment, and expertise to make it happen.