Switching From Diesel to Natural Gas

Oil and Gas Services Firm Realizes Environmental Benefits and Cost Savings With Switch to Natural Gas-Fired Power Generation

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Permian Basin

Site Location

Permian Basin, TX

The Challenge

Properly managing water in the oilfield is critical for operators seeking to achieve production and cost targets.

Power Needs

Four 600 horsepower injection pumps needed to move fifty thousand barrels of water per day

Issues at Hand

Cost, reliability, and environmental issues commonly found with diesel generator options


No close-by utility connection limiting options

The Baseline Solution

Five plus one backup NG 250 (235 kW) Baseline generators outputting 1,000kW of electric power for two high-output injection pumps at project startup.

The Baseline solution was to bring in six, 235 kW natural gas-fired generators and parallel them together for ample power supply and full redundancy, so that any generator maintenance needed during the course of operation could be performed without the customer experiencing any power disruptions.

The lowest-cost fuel in the oilfield is wellhead gas, which Baseline often utilizes by channeling through on-board fuel scrubbers (and also an external H2S treating system when required), however in this case there was not a natural gas fuel supply readily available, so Baseline coordinated with a virtual pipeline fuel provider for a consistent supply.

Project Implementation

Within two days of initial contact, Baseline had fully scoped the project and agreed to terms with the water recycling company.

And as oil and gas projects often do, this one became expedited at the customer’s request. Baseline then put it in high gear and within just four days from initial contact (two days following project agreement), mobilized all equipment, coordinated the delivery of the fuel supply, made all the necessary fuel and electrical connections, performed a thorough safety audit, and powered up the site.

Successful Outcomes

Reduction in Fuel Costs
Yearly Cost Reduction
Over 99% Avg Uptime

By switching from diesel to natural gas power generation with Baseline, the water recycling company cut fuel costs by approximately half, further reduced their environmental impact, improved operational reliability, and greatly enhanced their ability to be responsive to their own customers.

Baseline is proud to partner with customers on projects such as this and deliver ESG-centric power solutions that benefit our customers’ balance sheets and the environment.