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Baseline serves small to medium scale (30 kW to 1,500 kW) continuous duty power needs of our customers through offering natural gas, propane, and diesel generator rental services with units ranging in size from 30 kW to 350 kW.

Whether a single generator on one location or multiple generators paralleled together, Baseline’s young and technologically advanced natural gas generator fleet has distinct advantages that contribute to our best-in-class run time delivery (>99.5%) for customers. Our advantages include generator paralleling and automatic synchronization technology (up to 32 units), advanced telemetry systems that feed real-time data to Baseline field operations smart phones, EPA certified natural gas engines, upgraded catalysts and emissions kits to beat the most stringent federal and state regulations, all-weather enclosures, advanced heated fuel scrubbers to eliminate water and solids in fuel, and automatic NG to propane fuel switching capability on natural gas engines.
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We operate across all major US shale plays providing both distributed generation and centralized power generation solutions to meet the needs of your specific oilfield project. Whether you need a 50 kW generator to power a pump jack or a 15 mW microgrid to power an entire field, we have the people, equipment, and expertise to make it happen.